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Our Lab in the News!


The laboratory of ‘Bioengineering of Olfactory Sensory Systems’ (B.O.S.S.) led by Dr. Saha is working on developing neural engineering and brain-computer interface (BCI) techniques to address how population neuron responses shape associative learning, social behavior, and decision-making in real time. Using honeybee olfactory brain recordings, Dr. Saha is investigating how social interactions influence memory and learning.

The BOSS laboratory is also working on developing insect brain-based, bio-robots that hijack biological chemical sensing and information processing capabilities towards medical and environmental applications (forward engineering). Dr. Saha is using insect antenna as chemical sensors and odor-evoked electrical activity in the brain (i.e. neural codes) for targeted chemical detection and identification. BOSS laboratory is working with honeybees and locusts to develop insect brain-based chemical sensors.

Dr. Saha’s other interests include nano-neuroscience approaches for noninvasive control of neural responses in the brain and identifying nanoparticle transport and nano-neuro interaction mechanisms in the olfactory sensory pathway.